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With the growing awareness that good dental health is linked to good overall health, dental plans is one of the most frequently requested types of coverage. Plans are available for both groups and individuals. Dental insurance is intended to help offset the costs associated with dental care. The mere thought of out-of-pocket expenses prevents many Americans from receiving routine and necessary dental treatment.

Dental Insurance Plan Choices

  • Indemnity Plan:  An indemnity dental insurance plan allows you to select your own dentist. These plans are considered fee-for-service and come with limitations and co-payment options. This means that you pay a flat fee for the dental visit, but you have an annual limit on coverage for dental spending, and specific coverage limits may apply to individual dental procedures.
  • Self-Insurance Plan:  Self-insurance dental plans may be similar in nature to indemnity plans, but you might not be able to select your own dentist.
  • Closed Panel Plan:  Closed panel dental plans limit you to using a specific group of facilities and the number of dentists available to you.
  • Capitation Plan:  Capitation dental plans designate specific dentists for intervals of treatment. These dentists have a contract indicating that they will be paid a fee regardless of whether dental treatment was required.
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO):  PPO dental plans are limited to a group of dentists who are available to provide dental care at a reduced cost.
  • Direct Reimbursement Plan:  Direct reimbursement dental plans allow employers to directly reimburse employees for dental services they receive.
  • Dental Care Service Plan:  Dental care service plans use a group of dentists who form a non-profit organization to provide dental services at set fees.

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