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We Provide You with many CHOICES for Health Insurance:

  • A large selection of quality health insurance plans including PPO's, HMO's, POS's, and HSA's, Short-Term and Travel insurance.
  • A quick and easy online process to receive quotes, compare and enroll.
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Tips for Comparing Plans:

  • You must qualify for coverage
  • Know what you're looking for
  • Want to save money? Consider purchasing a HSA or High deductible plan
  • Policies vary, so look at them closely
  • The stability of your carrier is extremely important

Types of Plans Available:

HMO (Health Maintenance Organizations):  Provide health services through a network of hospitals, doctors, laboratories, and so forth. Usually need to see primary doctor to be referred out to specialties' and prior approval for certain medical testing.

Hospital Indemnity Policy:  
Fixed dollar amount for each day you are hospitalized, regardless of the actual costs.

POS plans Pays at Point-of-Service:  These plans allow members the option of using services outside the HMO network without prior approval.

PPO Preferred Provider Organization:  
A network of doctors, hospitals, and suppliers (preferred providers) who agree to provide services to members of a health plan for discounted fees.

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