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Meet Diane Forshee

Diane Forshee is:

An Independent Insurance Professional,
Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) and
Certified in Long Term Care (CLTC)

Diane started her business 10+ years ago providing health insurance to:

  • Individuals,
  • Families, and
  • Small Businesses

I have a lot of personal experience dealing with the various situations that can effect our senior population!

I was a caregiver for my aunt and uncle who were planners but had never been introduced to Long Term Care Insurance. During this time I learned a lot about this valuable financial planning tool.

Then in 2005 my 80 year old mother was in need of Long Term Care, but she was not eligible because of her health conditions. She had the money, but not the "health" required to buy the Long Term Care Insurance. Because of this she moved in with me. So, this was the first time my eyes were opened to Medicare and what a confusing maze we put our senior population through!

As my mothers condition erroded, her doctor could do no more for her, but she didn’t want to give up! I asked about Hospice, but her doctor advised that since she did not have cancer and was not dying in the next few weeks she would not qualify. That’s when I did my research! I got her approved for Hospice and they helped us for the next seven months. What a blessing for my mom, my family and myself!

After this experience it has become my PASSION to educate and provide resources to my clients about Long Term Care AND to help you plan for a
crises event!

Whether you have:

  • Lost your group health insurance,
  • Are turning 65,
  • Are looking at your options for Long Term Care protection,
  • Or currently in a care giving situation and need resources...

  This is where my experience and education will help!

"I have been blessed to be able to provide you with this and my goal is to pass it on by offering educational training and workshops to help you understand Medicare, Long Term Care Planning and Health Insurance." - Diane Forshee

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